Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time to Meet Clevon...

Well, I came across Clevon this last week, as I was doing my usual browsing and praying. He catches me off guard, and maybe even you. Yes, we are to love and care for the orphan and waiting child...even if they arent' little and cute... although, Clevon is indeed a handsome young man! Our thoughts are often that the young ones are easier to love, but as these children age into the foster care system, they become less and less "adoptable." In the next couple of days I'm gonna post some stats that will totally BLOW YOUR MIND as to what his future looks like without a family. Please remember that this week is Foster Care Prayer Vigil Week... people all over the US are praying for kids just like Clevon. If you want a prayer guide... click here.

Clevon is waiting in Virginia... Here is what his bio says:

Anything concerning an outdoor activity interests this African American young man. Clevon is a very active 15-year-old who enjoys playing basketball, golf, and football. He is especially good at basketball. He also enjoys riding his bike and just spending time being outside. He wants to be a part of an active outdoor-loving family that wants to share in his favorite activities. Clevon is a very lovable child who suffers from emotional and behavioral problems. With therapy and medication management, he has come a long way in decreasing many of his negative behaviors. Clevon will benefit from being placed in a two parent family as the only child. He has a lot of special challenges and needs a family to take that extra time out to assist him with his challenges. The right family for Clevon is one that can offer a lot of one-on-one attention, consistent limits and expectations, and a nurturing environment. He wants to have a family and be able to call someone “mom and dad”.

Pray on Praying Mommies...

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