Sunday, May 9, 2010

Story of the 4...Post #2...

(This is a recall of the events that started this blog...God's amazing story!...Read post #1 below and then this post#2)

The Lord has done GREAT things for us...

Many of you know that We have been out of town with the Summit VI conference. In addition, by my last post, you know my heart has been very heavy for these sweet kiddos: Xzavier, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Shamyra. I have been praying for them for almost a month or longer now. Let me put out the timeline of the past week:

Monday: blog post... asking you to pray... (had been praying for 3 weeks at least, before that)

Wed: Leave for Conference. Felt heavy emotionally for these children... my prayer : "Lord, I need you to clarify to me and Shane what our role is for these children. If you want us to adopt them, we will. If there is a better suited family, please provide. And... I'd like for you to do this during the conference. Thanks... mitzi"

Thursday and Friday: Limbo... got information from the State of Texas about "next steps" if we were to decide to pursue these children. No Peace or clarity... felt torn... broken hearted and crying out to God for these sweet children.

Saturday: Conference over... Shane says "are you ok?" and I'm not... because I want clarity from God and I want God to provide these children with a family.

HERE's the CRAZY unfolding of God's Amazing and perfectly orchestrated event:
9:00 am: Arrive at the airport for Dallas with Shane and the Webers.
9:25ish: Arrive at the Gate and see friends we and the Webers know from Ft. Worth... and the following occurs:

We are surprised to see them there because they were supposed to be on a 6:00 flight to DFW in order for Jeff W. to get back for some church related events. Turns out, they were delayed 2 times and are now bumped to our flight: YAY! So we are all talking about the conference, orphans, etc... and the 4th couple showed us a picture of 2 boys they are praying about adopting from the Texas Waiting Children's list. Shane then laughs and says "at least it isn't 4...haha" (imagine nervousness in his voice...) Then the conversation goes like this:
Jeff: "4? We have friends that are wanting to adopt a sibling group of 4"
Me: "Really? Where from?"
Jeff: "Houston"
Me: (my mind is starting to race and heart rate increases) "um, do you know anything about them?"
Jeff: "Yeah, It's 3 boys and a girl"
Me: "WHAT??? (slight scream) do you know their names?"
Jeff: "No, but I can call her right now"
Me: "CALL!!!!"
Jeff: "their names are Xzavier, Isaiah, Shamyra, and Jeremiah"
Jeff: "They are the most amazing Christian family, they will be perfect for these kids."

Ok, so... On SO MANY LEVELS this is totally amazing.
I was able to talk with Shannon on the phone... she is the potential adoptive mother. I told her the entire story about me finding them on waiting children's list, praying for them, and God continually bringing them to my mind in prayer. It was truly God pressing on me and showing me how to pray for the kids. My prayer has been... prepare their hearts for a family, and prepare a family for them. She was also amazed. I have her email address and we are going to be able to share more together in the next few days. But they have their home study completed and have a request sent in to their social worker. They are waiting on a response from the social worker!!! They should hear something soon!! And I will keep you posted on that...
The other cool thing is that our friends said they would invite us to the party when the kids got to come home!!! A.MA.ZING!!

I am truly overcome by joy, and at the same time humbled that God chose to answer my prayer in this way. The thing is, He didn't have to answer my prayer so completely. He could have provided a family, and NEVER let me know that He did. He could have provided a family that I DIDNT KNOW... but instead, I will be able to meet these kids. He could have given me clarity, without providing them a family. There are so many variables in this. HOWEVER, the LOVER OF MY SOUL answered my deepest prayer so intimately. 1. He provided a family 2. He dealyed a flight, caused a conversation and revealed to me the family 3. I will be able to meet them 4. He has clarified our role in their lives... I am simply their Prayer Mommy. And that... I'm so honored to be.

God has blown me away by His goodness, provision, and intimate and precious way He shows that he hears my prayers and He defends the Fatherless.


  1. Praise God for providing a family for these children!!!!! Love how He is moving your heart to advocate for children all over!!!!!!!! And I love how open you are friend to follow God in anyway He chooses!

  2. Just absolutely AWESOME! God is way beyond our finite thinking. His orchestration never ceases to blow my mind. Praising Him.

  3. Amazing and beautiful!!! Isn't His great love overwhelming and unbelievable? Leaves me full of gratitude and humility asking "Why would you love me this way Lord?". I'm so excited for these beautiful children and for the way God used you Mitzi and will allow you to now meet them face to face...amazing!!!
    Very happy and proud to be a fellow "Prayer Mommy" alongside you! Continued blessings are sure to be in store!

  4. So exciting Mitzi!!! I love our God- if that were to fall through we have a family homestudy ready waiting to foster to adopt 4 here too! :)