Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prayers for Sweet John.... Post yours too!

Well, over the past couple of days...little John has invaded my thoughts regularly. Thoughts have turned to prayers like this...

Playing Hi-Ho CherryOs with the kids: "Lord, please give John someone to play games with."

Playing at the Park: "God, please give John the oxygen and health he needs to play good and hard like little boys love to do."

Watching Shane talk to Zack about "knight hood": "Father, give John a Godly Father."

When KG was scared at night: "God, please be John's comfort when he is afraid... of the dark... of the monsters... of his past... of his future... Please be his peace."

When Elijah needed reassurance: "God, provide John someone to build into his esteem and point him to his worth in you."

"Above all... Move us to your heart father... the heart that breaks each time John desires a forever family and there isn't one. Break us over this... and call up a family to bring him in... "

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