Monday, July 19, 2010

Combining Blogs....

Hey all! As you can tell... I haven't updated this blog in quite some time. I had 3 blogs going on at once and it was TOO overwhelming to maintain. However, I am still going to do a "Monday Post" for waiting children and how people like yourselves can be involved in foster care... Click here to reset your blog reading for this blog. This blog will be deleted at the end of July. Thanks!

Monday, May 24, 2010

5 little Gifts...

Meet Nikiya, Alexeius, Keyanna, Ladaysha, and La'Roman!

These kids have been on the TARE website for quite some time. As a matter of fact, they have been on the website as long as I have been visiting and praying.

Let's pray that God would bring just the right family to their picture and that God would simply make it known to them very clearly they are to be adopted. Pray that the support would be in place for this family to take on an unbelievable task!

Here's a little more info from the website:

Nikiya, Alexeius, Keyanna, Ladaysha, and La'Roman are looking for a family willing to celebrate life with five times the joy and love. Although caring for these children will be a challenge and commitment, these children are capable of providing endless smiles and a lifetime of opportunties to share in their hopes and dreams. Nikiya is the eldest of the five. She tends to act as the mother to the youngest, but also strives to assert herself and her independence. Alexeius is the nurturer and the one most likely to do everything to keep her siblings in line! Keyanna is in the middle, but loves to be in the spotlight! Ladaysha is always on the go, whether she is playing with her dolls or asking to go shopping! La'Roman loves being the little brother and of course, gets unlimited attention from his big sisters! The ideal family for Nikiya, Alexeius, Keyanna, Ladaysha, and La'Roman will be experienced, nurturing, firm but flexible with limits and boundaries. The children need a family capable of advocating for them academically. Participating in church is important to these children as the older girls all have a passion for singing and dancing. They will do well in a family that will help each individual child find their own talents while encouraging them to shine! It is important for their family to understand the attachment that these siblings have to one another while maintaining a commitment to keeping them together.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A glimpse of the future without a family...

On a National Level, this is what Clevon's future looks like aging out of the foster system without a family:

Earned a high school diploma 54%

Obtained a Bachelor's degree or higher 2%

Became a parent 84%

Were unemployed 51%

Had no health insurance 30%

Had been homeless 25%

Were receiving public assistance 30%

If you are interested in learning about ways you can help children aging out of the foster care system alone, please leave a comment and what area you are from. I will get you information on ways to help.

With those stats staring Clevon in the face... Here is my prayer for this young man...

Father, I know that you know what the statistics are. These do not catch you off guard. 20,000 18 year olds face these statistics each year right here in the US. Your word says you have a plan for them full of hope and a future. Please help us, the church, become your hands and feet to this plan. God, I am asking that you give Clevon a family to love him. Father, and if this is not your will, that you would provide a church around him that would welcome him with open arms, and that there would be families inviting them to their dinner table, helping him with his homework, and teaching him what it would be like to follow you. God, I pray you use your body to capture his heart with the love that only comes from you. Thank you for inviting us to live an uncomfortable lifestyle, and loving in a way that is indeed scandalous. I'm asking that RIGHT NOW, you grant Clevon a peace that passes WAY BEYOND HIS CIRCUMSTANCES. We love you, and because of that, we love Clevon. Amen."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time to Meet Clevon...

Well, I came across Clevon this last week, as I was doing my usual browsing and praying. He catches me off guard, and maybe even you. Yes, we are to love and care for the orphan and waiting child...even if they arent' little and cute... although, Clevon is indeed a handsome young man! Our thoughts are often that the young ones are easier to love, but as these children age into the foster care system, they become less and less "adoptable." In the next couple of days I'm gonna post some stats that will totally BLOW YOUR MIND as to what his future looks like without a family. Please remember that this week is Foster Care Prayer Vigil Week... people all over the US are praying for kids just like Clevon. If you want a prayer guide... click here.

Clevon is waiting in Virginia... Here is what his bio says:

Anything concerning an outdoor activity interests this African American young man. Clevon is a very active 15-year-old who enjoys playing basketball, golf, and football. He is especially good at basketball. He also enjoys riding his bike and just spending time being outside. He wants to be a part of an active outdoor-loving family that wants to share in his favorite activities. Clevon is a very lovable child who suffers from emotional and behavioral problems. With therapy and medication management, he has come a long way in decreasing many of his negative behaviors. Clevon will benefit from being placed in a two parent family as the only child. He has a lot of special challenges and needs a family to take that extra time out to assist him with his challenges. The right family for Clevon is one that can offer a lot of one-on-one attention, consistent limits and expectations, and a nurturing environment. He wants to have a family and be able to call someone “mom and dad”.

Pray on Praying Mommies...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Post a message to John...

Ladies, I am going to attempt to print off the pages each week for the child and attempt to get it to that child's social worker so that they can give it to the foster family... If you want to write a message or a prayer for little John or his foster family, do so in the comments....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prayers for Sweet John.... Post yours too!

Well, over the past couple of days...little John has invaded my thoughts regularly. Thoughts have turned to prayers like this...

Playing Hi-Ho CherryOs with the kids: "Lord, please give John someone to play games with."

Playing at the Park: "God, please give John the oxygen and health he needs to play good and hard like little boys love to do."

Watching Shane talk to Zack about "knight hood": "Father, give John a Godly Father."

When KG was scared at night: "God, please be John's comfort when he is afraid... of the dark... of the monsters... of his past... of his future... Please be his peace."

When Elijah needed reassurance: "God, provide John someone to build into his esteem and point him to his worth in you."

"Above all... Move us to your heart father... the heart that breaks each time John desires a forever family and there isn't one. Break us over this... and call up a family to bring him in... "

Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet sweet John...

Ok Ladies (and gentlemen?)... Meet our first official child on the blog to pray for. I am going to post his information for us to pray over and remember through this week. Feel free to even post your prayer in the comments...
There's just something about this little John... LOVE his description below taken from the TARE website.

John is a very smart child. He is inquisitive and witty with a great sense of humor. He is a very friendly child. John likes to draw pictures and read picture books. He is usually a very happy child who is full of energy. He enjoys running around and playing with the other kids in the foster home. John likes to pull pranks, laugh, and joke around with his foster parents. John has a medical condition that requires a full time nurse and daily medications. John is diagnosed with a Cardiac/Pulmonary condition which makes it difficult for John to get enough oxygen to his body. He also has Atrial Septal Defect Supraventricular Tachycardia, with left portal vein thrombosis. John has a gastrostomy button (or G-button) which provides access to the child's stomach for feedings and medications. John has been doing well and rarely has to use the G-button. He has been able to eat food regularly by mouth. Although he has this condition, he is currently healthy and very active.

The family who will be best suited for John would be one who can provide a loving, nurturing environment, and be able to care for his medical condition. The family will have to continue to meet John's developmental, physical,and emotional needs. The family must be patient and willing to work to understand and take care of John's medical condition.

If you know a family interested in adopting John, please leave a comment or email me!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Story of the 4...Post #2...

(This is a recall of the events that started this blog...God's amazing story!...Read post #1 below and then this post#2)

The Lord has done GREAT things for us...

Many of you know that We have been out of town with the Summit VI conference. In addition, by my last post, you know my heart has been very heavy for these sweet kiddos: Xzavier, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Shamyra. I have been praying for them for almost a month or longer now. Let me put out the timeline of the past week:

Monday: blog post... asking you to pray... (had been praying for 3 weeks at least, before that)

Wed: Leave for Conference. Felt heavy emotionally for these children... my prayer : "Lord, I need you to clarify to me and Shane what our role is for these children. If you want us to adopt them, we will. If there is a better suited family, please provide. And... I'd like for you to do this during the conference. Thanks... mitzi"

Thursday and Friday: Limbo... got information from the State of Texas about "next steps" if we were to decide to pursue these children. No Peace or clarity... felt torn... broken hearted and crying out to God for these sweet children.

Saturday: Conference over... Shane says "are you ok?" and I'm not... because I want clarity from God and I want God to provide these children with a family.

HERE's the CRAZY unfolding of God's Amazing and perfectly orchestrated event:
9:00 am: Arrive at the airport for Dallas with Shane and the Webers.
9:25ish: Arrive at the Gate and see friends we and the Webers know from Ft. Worth... and the following occurs:

We are surprised to see them there because they were supposed to be on a 6:00 flight to DFW in order for Jeff W. to get back for some church related events. Turns out, they were delayed 2 times and are now bumped to our flight: YAY! So we are all talking about the conference, orphans, etc... and the 4th couple showed us a picture of 2 boys they are praying about adopting from the Texas Waiting Children's list. Shane then laughs and says "at least it isn't 4...haha" (imagine nervousness in his voice...) Then the conversation goes like this:
Jeff: "4? We have friends that are wanting to adopt a sibling group of 4"
Me: "Really? Where from?"
Jeff: "Houston"
Me: (my mind is starting to race and heart rate increases) "um, do you know anything about them?"
Jeff: "Yeah, It's 3 boys and a girl"
Me: "WHAT??? (slight scream) do you know their names?"
Jeff: "No, but I can call her right now"
Me: "CALL!!!!"
Jeff: "their names are Xzavier, Isaiah, Shamyra, and Jeremiah"
Jeff: "They are the most amazing Christian family, they will be perfect for these kids."

Ok, so... On SO MANY LEVELS this is totally amazing.
I was able to talk with Shannon on the phone... she is the potential adoptive mother. I told her the entire story about me finding them on waiting children's list, praying for them, and God continually bringing them to my mind in prayer. It was truly God pressing on me and showing me how to pray for the kids. My prayer has been... prepare their hearts for a family, and prepare a family for them. She was also amazed. I have her email address and we are going to be able to share more together in the next few days. But they have their home study completed and have a request sent in to their social worker. They are waiting on a response from the social worker!!! They should hear something soon!! And I will keep you posted on that...
The other cool thing is that our friends said they would invite us to the party when the kids got to come home!!! A.MA.ZING!!

I am truly overcome by joy, and at the same time humbled that God chose to answer my prayer in this way. The thing is, He didn't have to answer my prayer so completely. He could have provided a family, and NEVER let me know that He did. He could have provided a family that I DIDNT KNOW... but instead, I will be able to meet these kids. He could have given me clarity, without providing them a family. There are so many variables in this. HOWEVER, the LOVER OF MY SOUL answered my deepest prayer so intimately. 1. He provided a family 2. He dealyed a flight, caused a conversation and revealed to me the family 3. I will be able to meet them 4. He has clarified our role in their lives... I am simply their Prayer Mommy. And that... I'm so honored to be.

God has blown me away by His goodness, provision, and intimate and precious way He shows that he hears my prayers and He defends the Fatherless.

The story of the 4... Post #1...

No, this title isn't because we now have 4 children instead of 3....

About 1 month ago, I was on the waiting children's website for Texas. I know, you are thinking "FIRST MISTAKE". But I do this often to pray for them, for protection, for a family, and on and on. It is a way that I can snap myself out of my own selfish thoughts and self-absorption and truly intercede for children who are in great need...RIGHT HERE IN Texas!

ANYWAY... I came across 4 sweet children as I was praying.... Xzavier, Isaiah, Shamyra, and Jeremiah. Their ages are 7, 6, 4, and 2. They are waiting. Waiting for a family. This is nothing new... ALL THE KIDS I pray for are simply waiting for a family.

Here is some of the descriptions of these kiddos:
"Xzavier is smart, articulate, opinionated, and sometimes anxious."
"Isaiah is a very friendly, loving, and affectionate child who likes to ask questions."
"Shamyra is a sweet, cuddly child who is very smart and likes to boss around Jeremiah"
"Jeremiah is a rambunctious and energetic child who is smart for his age."

Now, why am I blogging about these kids? Why can't I get these kids out of my head? Here's the thing... Shane and I have been in the position to be approached over the last 7 months with SEVERAL opportunities to adopt children. We have always PRAYED and then said "NO"... with the obvious exception of our sweet Elijah. Here's the other thing. EACH TIME... God has ALWAYS provided another family. We have seen GOD move on behalf of the orphan or "legal orphan". We are NOT saying that we are GOING TO ADOPT these kids. Hear me say that. BUT, I need you to hear my heart, and join me in prayer. I'm praying GOD brings a family to these kids, quickly. The odds are stacked against them: 1. Their age 2. Their number (sib group of 4!) 3. Their "baggage" and 4. Their color. BUt MY GOD can overcome ALL OF THIS. It pains me to imagine them growing up in the foster care system. I want the LORD to protect their hearts and prepare their hearts for a family. I want GOD to prepare a family's heart for these children. PLEASE JOIN ME! I DO NOT KNOW what it is about these children that GOD would not let me FORGET THEM. And to be honest... if GOD wants them to be McBrides, then He will make that clear and pave the unbelievably difficult path to do so.

I'm asking you to pray for these precious ones, and for the THOUSANDS of kids waiting right where you are. AND NOW... I can plug for the Foster Care Prayer Vigil coming up in May. IF you want to host a prayer group at your house or church, let me know and I will send the information to you... or you can visit

In the mean time... pray for Xzavier, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Shamyra. They need a family...they need prayer... they need us to pray for them. I love these children and do not know anything about them... I want to see Jesus Christ full lived out in their lives as I know he has a "plan to give them a hope and a future." Praise God for that!

(BTW... this information was taken off of the TARE website and is fully legal to share publicly... as it is already posted on the internet)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Foster Care Prayer Vigil...

To first start this blog... I want to invite everyone to join us in making events happen all across America in May with the Foster Care Prayer Vigil. This is an easy way that we can make a difference, center our minds and hearts, and pray unified for the over 500,000 children in foster care right now...