Sunday, May 9, 2010

The story of the 4... Post #1...

No, this title isn't because we now have 4 children instead of 3....

About 1 month ago, I was on the waiting children's website for Texas. I know, you are thinking "FIRST MISTAKE". But I do this often to pray for them, for protection, for a family, and on and on. It is a way that I can snap myself out of my own selfish thoughts and self-absorption and truly intercede for children who are in great need...RIGHT HERE IN Texas!

ANYWAY... I came across 4 sweet children as I was praying.... Xzavier, Isaiah, Shamyra, and Jeremiah. Their ages are 7, 6, 4, and 2. They are waiting. Waiting for a family. This is nothing new... ALL THE KIDS I pray for are simply waiting for a family.

Here is some of the descriptions of these kiddos:
"Xzavier is smart, articulate, opinionated, and sometimes anxious."
"Isaiah is a very friendly, loving, and affectionate child who likes to ask questions."
"Shamyra is a sweet, cuddly child who is very smart and likes to boss around Jeremiah"
"Jeremiah is a rambunctious and energetic child who is smart for his age."

Now, why am I blogging about these kids? Why can't I get these kids out of my head? Here's the thing... Shane and I have been in the position to be approached over the last 7 months with SEVERAL opportunities to adopt children. We have always PRAYED and then said "NO"... with the obvious exception of our sweet Elijah. Here's the other thing. EACH TIME... God has ALWAYS provided another family. We have seen GOD move on behalf of the orphan or "legal orphan". We are NOT saying that we are GOING TO ADOPT these kids. Hear me say that. BUT, I need you to hear my heart, and join me in prayer. I'm praying GOD brings a family to these kids, quickly. The odds are stacked against them: 1. Their age 2. Their number (sib group of 4!) 3. Their "baggage" and 4. Their color. BUt MY GOD can overcome ALL OF THIS. It pains me to imagine them growing up in the foster care system. I want the LORD to protect their hearts and prepare their hearts for a family. I want GOD to prepare a family's heart for these children. PLEASE JOIN ME! I DO NOT KNOW what it is about these children that GOD would not let me FORGET THEM. And to be honest... if GOD wants them to be McBrides, then He will make that clear and pave the unbelievably difficult path to do so.

I'm asking you to pray for these precious ones, and for the THOUSANDS of kids waiting right where you are. AND NOW... I can plug for the Foster Care Prayer Vigil coming up in May. IF you want to host a prayer group at your house or church, let me know and I will send the information to you... or you can visit

In the mean time... pray for Xzavier, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Shamyra. They need a family...they need prayer... they need us to pray for them. I love these children and do not know anything about them... I want to see Jesus Christ full lived out in their lives as I know he has a "plan to give them a hope and a future." Praise God for that!

(BTW... this information was taken off of the TARE website and is fully legal to share publicly... as it is already posted on the internet)

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