Friday, May 21, 2010

A glimpse of the future without a family...

On a National Level, this is what Clevon's future looks like aging out of the foster system without a family:

Earned a high school diploma 54%

Obtained a Bachelor's degree or higher 2%

Became a parent 84%

Were unemployed 51%

Had no health insurance 30%

Had been homeless 25%

Were receiving public assistance 30%

If you are interested in learning about ways you can help children aging out of the foster care system alone, please leave a comment and what area you are from. I will get you information on ways to help.

With those stats staring Clevon in the face... Here is my prayer for this young man...

Father, I know that you know what the statistics are. These do not catch you off guard. 20,000 18 year olds face these statistics each year right here in the US. Your word says you have a plan for them full of hope and a future. Please help us, the church, become your hands and feet to this plan. God, I am asking that you give Clevon a family to love him. Father, and if this is not your will, that you would provide a church around him that would welcome him with open arms, and that there would be families inviting them to their dinner table, helping him with his homework, and teaching him what it would be like to follow you. God, I pray you use your body to capture his heart with the love that only comes from you. Thank you for inviting us to live an uncomfortable lifestyle, and loving in a way that is indeed scandalous. I'm asking that RIGHT NOW, you grant Clevon a peace that passes WAY BEYOND HIS CIRCUMSTANCES. We love you, and because of that, we love Clevon. Amen."

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