Monday, May 24, 2010

5 little Gifts...

Meet Nikiya, Alexeius, Keyanna, Ladaysha, and La'Roman!

These kids have been on the TARE website for quite some time. As a matter of fact, they have been on the website as long as I have been visiting and praying.

Let's pray that God would bring just the right family to their picture and that God would simply make it known to them very clearly they are to be adopted. Pray that the support would be in place for this family to take on an unbelievable task!

Here's a little more info from the website:

Nikiya, Alexeius, Keyanna, Ladaysha, and La'Roman are looking for a family willing to celebrate life with five times the joy and love. Although caring for these children will be a challenge and commitment, these children are capable of providing endless smiles and a lifetime of opportunties to share in their hopes and dreams. Nikiya is the eldest of the five. She tends to act as the mother to the youngest, but also strives to assert herself and her independence. Alexeius is the nurturer and the one most likely to do everything to keep her siblings in line! Keyanna is in the middle, but loves to be in the spotlight! Ladaysha is always on the go, whether she is playing with her dolls or asking to go shopping! La'Roman loves being the little brother and of course, gets unlimited attention from his big sisters! The ideal family for Nikiya, Alexeius, Keyanna, Ladaysha, and La'Roman will be experienced, nurturing, firm but flexible with limits and boundaries. The children need a family capable of advocating for them academically. Participating in church is important to these children as the older girls all have a passion for singing and dancing. They will do well in a family that will help each individual child find their own talents while encouraging them to shine! It is important for their family to understand the attachment that these siblings have to one another while maintaining a commitment to keeping them together.

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